AI-based OCR

OCR In Healthcare.

Use Cases For OCR In Healthcare.

Healthcare trumps just about every other industry on earth in terms of its importance, and it affects almost everyone in various ways throughout their lives. A byproduct of any industry of this scale and complexity is the staggering, often overwhelming … Read More

OCR In Insurance.

Use Cases For OCR In Insurance.

Technology may have simplified insurance in many ways in recent decades, but some outdated elements of the industry still endure. A salient example of this is the industry’s reliance on paperwork. Paperwork is not only expensive to produce, but it … Read More

OCR Reduce Workloads For Banking Employees

How Can OCR Reduce Workloads For Banking Employees?

The banking industry has evolved rapidly in recent years. In particular, the introduction of computers, the internet, and mobile banking have all completely transformed the way customers access banking services. But technology has also transformed the way banks manage their … Read More

OCR And AI Cut Costs For The Insurance Industry.

How Can OCR And AI Cut Costs For The Insurance Industry?

The insurance industry provides vital cover for countless numbers of clients worldwide, and in doing so it creates a massive amount of administrative work. A fundamental part of this administration involves physical paperwork, even in today’s digital world. All of … Read More

OCR Approaches In Construction And Architecture

OCR Approaches In Construction And Architecture

The construction and architecture industries are enormously important across the world, employing millions of people and generating billions of dollars in revenue each year. With industries of this scale, and with the massive amount of associated legal and regulatory considerations, … Read More

OCR Technology Is Significant For The Legal Industry

How OCR Technology Is Significant For The Legal Industry

Law is high on the list of industries that use and generate a great deal of paperwork, and this is true all over the world, even in the digital age. While this fact is unlikely to change for a long … Read More

healthcare benefit from AI-based OCR

How Can Healthcare Benefit From AI-Based OCR?

Healthcare is one of the largest industries in the world, and the vast scale of it results in enormous amounts of information being generated every day. Much of the industry now uses computer systems for most of its operations, but … Read More

OCR Digitizes The Insurance Industry

How OCR Digitizes The Insurance Industry

Insurance is a necessary service for huge numbers of people and businesses worldwide, and this means an enormous amount of paperwork is produced by the industry. This paperwork can range from policy documents to correspondence and anything else that might … Read More

AI-based OCR Technology is Revolutionizing Big Data in Banking

How OCR Technology Is Transforming Big Data In Banking

Banks and financial institutions generate huge amounts of data during almost everything they do, and a lot of this still involves physical documentation. For example, checks, application forms, and many other types of paper documents are processed by banks every … Read More