Automated Document Digitization for Banking

Powerful, accurate, and scalable AI-based document digitization, tailored to the banking industry.

Improved Accuracy over Traditional Methods

We guarantee exceptional levels of accuracy compared to traditional methods such as manual data transfer, scanning, and standard OCR software.

Intelligent Visual Question Answering

Access specific pieces of information in an instant with powerful visual question answering, supported by Digitize.AI as standard.

Endlessly Scalable

The platform will grow to match the scale of your business, with the exact same functionality and reliability whether it’s processing one document or thousands.

Tailored to Your Organization

We carefully pre-train the advanced algorithms driving the platform prior to deployment, ensuring full compatibility with any document type you specify.

  • Boost the efficiency of your record-keeping process.
  • Ensure greater security of sensitive documents.
  • Cut down on unnecessary labor costs and free up resources.
In banking and finance, the accuracy of record-keeping is paramount. But traditional methods of document digitization are often extremely prone to errors. Using normal OCR software or manually copying information is not only inaccurate, but they’re also inefficient, often requiring many repetitive hours of work from employees. Digitize.AI’s machine learning-powered document digitization can transform the inefficient methods still used by many banking companies, automating the process and vastly improving accuracy. Get in touch to discover how you could benefit from our transformative technology.
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