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AI-based document digitization for construction, architecture, and engineering

Build a more streamlined business, with Digitize.AI’s transformative document digitization for construction, architecture, and engineering.

Intelligent Capabilities

With advanced AI powering the platform, you can rely on adaptive and versatile digitization of almost any document, fully automated and completely compatible with your business.

More Accurate Digitization

Our highly trained algorithms achieve exceptional levels of accuracy, consistently beating manual data transfer and standard OCR software in testing.

Scalable to any Operation

The purely digital platform is instantly scalable to match the size and complexity of any business without any drop in speed or accuracy.

Pre Trained for Instant Integration

Our experts pre-train algorithms to understand the document and format types specified by you, tailoring the platform to work seamlessly upon integration.

  • Automate the electronic capture of your paperwork.
  • Drastically reduce the per-document cost of digitization.
  • Custom-trained algorithms that work with any documents.
Construction, architecture, and engineering data management can be complex, and even in the 21st Century, the digitization of documents is still a paper-heavy, time-consuming process. Most businesses still rely on either manual copying data or using basic OCR software, but both of these methods are highly prone to inaccuracies which can have big consequences. The transformative Digitize.AI platform is the perfect way for construction, architecture, and engineering businesses to automate the transfer of any document from physical to digital. With intelligent and pre-trained algorithms, our platform will immediately start saving you time and money while guaranteeing exceptional accuracy.
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