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Automated Document Digitization for Legal Firms

Our AI-enabled platform improves the security, efficiency, and productivity of the document digitization process.

Cutomized to Any Organization

Our experts pre-train the machine learning algorithms powering Digitize.AI to perfectly comprehend any document types specified by you.

More Accurate Digitization

The advanced AI driving the Digitize.AI platform can perform more accurately than many other digitization methods such as manual data transfer and traditional OCR.

Visual Question Answering

Access information more rapidly, with our in-built support for visual question answering. Ask a question about a document and Digitize.AI will give you the answer instantly.

Scalable Capabilities

Scalable to businesses of any size. Enjoy the same high-level functionality whether you’re processing one document or thousands at a time.

  • Faster document digitization.
  • Exceptional accuracy of data collection.
  • Tailored to your business.

Law is always going to generate a lot of paperwork, and it all needs to go somewhere. For most businesses, this means either physically archiving paper copies, manually transferring data from paper to digital, or using basic OCR software to pull information from documents.

Not only are these methods slow, but they’re often inaccurate, prone to security issues, and waste valuable resources.

Digitize.AI is a powerful machine learning-powered platform that automates the digitization of documents with incredible accuracy, helping businesses rapidly and securely store their legal documents.

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