Account Payable Automation

Digitized, automated invoice management

AI-powered scanning and capture of invoice data to simplify your company’s accounting.

Tailored machine learning

Digitize.AI’s pre-trained algorithms are perfectly compatible with your invoices, guaranteeing an exceptional level of accuracy compared to standard optical character recognition software.

Visual question answering

Make direct queries about your invoices and accounts documents to receive instantaneous responses, automatically drawn from the relevant documents by Digitize.AI.

Eliminate manual data entry

Not only is manual data transfer inaccurate, it’s also a waste of your company resources. Automate your invoicing and accounts to say goodbye to manual data transfer forever.

Boost your processing capacity

Whatever the scale of your invoicing and accounting process, Digitize.AI is up to the task. Get the same accuracy and speed whether you’re processing one document or thousands at a time.

  • Vastly more efficient invoice management.
  • Avoid monotonous invoice entry and processing.
  • Enjoy greater accuracy with pre-trained AI algorithms.

Accounts and invoicing are areas of business where accuracy matters. But humans make mistakes, and inaccurate invoice management can lead to serious problems with accounting and tax.

Digitize.AI is an innovative AI platform with powerful accounts payable automation capabilities. We will pre-train the platform’s algorithms to recognize and digitize any document, instantaneously and with far greater accuracy than the average employee. Reduce the cost of your accounts payable process while ensuring better results.

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Accounts Payable Automation

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