Machine Learning for Insurance Document Digitization

Speed up your insurance business’ admin work. Automate the digitization of insurance documents with the Digitize.AI artificial intelligence-powered platform.

Rapid Customization

Our intelligent algorithms can be rapidly trained to comprehend almost any document format, so you can enjoy absolute compatibility with your business.

More Accurate Than Other Methods

With advanced AI capabilities, our document digitization is significantly more accurate than other traditional methods such as manual transfer and OCR software.

Powerful Visual Question Answering

Need to know something quickly? Simply ask a question through the platform and receive an instant, accurate answer taken straight from the relevant document.

Faster Claims Processing

Boost the overall efficiency of the claims process by automating its most time-consuming elements. Store and access your data more reliably and improve claims turnover.

  • Greater accuracy when keeping electronic records.
  • Eliminate the need for repetitive manual digitization.
  • Improved security for your documents.
Insurance is a paper-heavy business, but all that physical paperwork also needs to be stored electronically. For most companies, this either means employees manually copying information, old-fashioned scanning, or using basic OCR software. Unfortunately, all these methods are notoriously prone to errors, and that’s never good for business. Our innovative AI insurance document digitization platform makes data capture an automated, more accurate process for insurers. We pre-train the algorithms to recognize any documents you use, so you can start digitizing any volume of data with incredible accuracy, right out of the box.
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