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AI-Powered Automatic Document Digitization

Digitize any document with incredible accuracy and transform the way your organization handles important admin.

The majority of businesses today still rely on employees to manually pull information from physical documents, but this is slow, inefficient, and prone to errors. Some companies use specialized software to automate the process, but this software is also inaccurate, limited in its applications, and fails to retain the structure of documents.

The transformative Digitize.AI platform uses highly trained machine learning algorithms to scan and digitize documents in an instant, with greater accuracy and full retention of document structure. Eliminate hours of unnecessary labor by automating your document digitization today.

Who’s using our digitization platform?

Cost Saving Efficiency

Automate the digitization and categorizing of all your business documents. Save time, reduce costs, and boost the efficiency of your admin work.

Pre Trained Algorithms

The advanced machine learning technology powering our platform is pre-trained to work immediately, right out of the box.

Not Limited to Text

Face and object-recognition are built into the platform, meaning it is automatically compatible with even the most complex documents.


Intelligent Capabilities

Extensively trained machine learning algorithms power the advanced capabilities of our platform, helping it perform with up to 25% greater accuracy than outdated OCR solutions.

Customized to Your Business

Every business uses different documents, so we will tailor the training of your product to ensure it works seamlessly with your specified types of documents, giving you full compatibility.

Multi Language Recognition

Our digitization platform works as standard with documents written in multiple languages, reflecting the complex and international operations of modern businesses.

Visual Question Answering

By truly understanding your documents, our platform supports visual question answering. Simply ask a question about a document and receive an accurate answer immediately.


With versatile and customizable functionality, our platform has a widerange of applications, including:
Invoice Management

Automate a crucial element of your accounting process with our innovative and easy-to-use digitization platform.

Accounts Payable Automation

AI-powered scanning and capture of invoice data to simplify your company’s accounting.


Speed up your insurance business’ admin work. Automate the digitization of insurance documents with the Digitize.AI artificial intelligence-powered platform.


Powerful, accurate, and scalable AI-based document digitization, tailored to the banking industry.

Construction & Architecture

Build a more streamlined business, with Digitize.AI’s transformative document digitization for construction, architecture, and engineering.

Legal Documents

Our AI-enabled platform improves the security, efficiency, and productivity of the document digitization process.


Simplify the admin process of your healthcare organization with the transformative Digitize.AI platform.

Transportation & Logistics

Capture data more accurately with the transformative Digitize.AI platform.


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VP Operations, iTech Data Services
Kirk Smith
Director, Solunus


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