Customer Service

Keep your customers happy with an AI customer service chatbot

Improve your customer outcomes with help of a specialized AI customer support chatbot.
Deal with more queries in less time and reduce your customer service spend. Improve resolution times and conversation rates || Drive better customer engagement || Reduce the workload on your customer support staff

Customer Service

Skill.AI’s customer support chatbots automate many important elements of the customer journey, helping you to develop and maintain stronger customer relationships. The conversational AI customer service chatbots are accessible via an extensive range of widely used channels such as SMS, email, browser, voice, and more. Combined with their multi-language functionality and limitless scalability, our chatbots will reliably boost your customer support capacity while simultaneously reducing the workload on existing support staff.

Customer service chatbot -

Communication in Multiple Languages

Our conversational AI chatbots support multiple languages to suit your diverse customer base.

Omni Channel Support as Standard

Your customers can always access the support they need, whatever their preferred channel.

Integrated Seamlessly into your Existing Systems

Implemented with minimal disruption to dovetail with your existing IT systems.

Immediate Resolution of Customer Support Tickets

Automatically resolve a large proportion of tickets, without the need for human intervention.

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